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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Six Destination-Oriented Special-Interest Lectures (Celebrity Millennium)

My most recent cruise, a 12-day voyage on Celebrity Millennium from Hong Kong to Shanghai, China, via Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, and South Korea, marked the 10-year anniversary of my serving aboard ships as a lecturer. Over the past decade I have worked variously as a destination speaker, a special interest speaker, and, most recently as a destination-oriented special-interest speaker, giving talks tying in with the cruise itinerary and intended to help enhance the trip for attendees. 

On this one I gave a series of six thematic presentations, on an "Incident in the Gulf of Tonkin," "A Maritime History of the Philippines," "Exploring the Dragon's Triangle," "Taiwan:Cradle of the Pacific," "The Pueblo Crisis," and "The Korean War at Sea," all of which appear here. Suffice it to say that I am grateful to the cruise staff for shooting these terrific videos of my presentations, which aired on the ship's closed-circuit television network after I gave them in the theater, and to graciously providing copies of them to me. Very much hope you enjoy them! And please subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep track of everything I post there.

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